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Sehr hübsch wie ich finde, leider die Anleitung bei Suz nur auf Englisch. Vielleicht habe  ich noch Lust die zu übersetzen, mal schaun.

Doch ja, die gefallen mir so richtig gut, auch in der Frabkombi. Schick!


From Suz: Bobble Hexagon Pattern

Magic circle to start or 3 chain slip stitch to make circle if you prefer
Round 1: 12 DC into circle (3 chain as first DC) sl st to complete round
Round 2: 24 DC two in each stitch below (3 chain as first DC) sl st to complete round
Round 3: 36 DC done 2,1,2,1 alternately slip st to complete round
Round 4: WORKED BLIND…from the back of the work so the bobbles are on the front
SC in first stitch doesn’t matter which stitch then do two trebles as a cluster in the next stitch and a sc in the next stitch….repeat the bobble and sc alternately until you complete the round with 18 bobbles sl st to complete the round
Round  5: Back to the front of the piece again for this round
3 DC (first DC is 3 chain) in one of the sc below this will be the first corner
then do SC in the next 5 stitches then repeat until you have 6 sides complete sl to finish the Hexagon
I then joined as l went using SC
PM me if you need any more help, join as you go help l’d try You tube..lots of videos to watch there
Hope you like this pattern as much as l do…..looks quite different from the square don’t you think?